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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Merry (Belated) Christmas Everyone!

...and a Happy New Year to all the mini blogsters out there. Once upon a time, hmmm....like...last fall, I had some big visions to complete my autumn grocery display. But then another health crisis struck and I've been "out" more than "in" over the last few months. So I finally hobbled down to my craft room the other day and scrubbed the autumn display. I carefully tucked my finished pumpkins and autumn veggies into their neat little cubbies in hopes of using them in a huge mondo display next autumn. Once I battle this recent wrinkle in my health odyssey I desperately want to get busy with some very pink and red Valentines stuff. (crossing arthritic fingers for that one) It's kind of disappointing to have all these awesome miniature ideas stuck in my head without being physically able to execute them. Yet.

What HAS sustained me however was being able to visit all your wonderful websites over the holidays while my own endeavors are temporarily in limbo, and just seeing what everyone has been up to with their amazing Christmas and January minis has really lifted my spirits a lot! Thank you all so much! :D You all are so awesome and so talented.

Here's to another year, and, hopefully, new minis from me...soon.

Our multi-colored tree 

The O scale train town that "lives" under the tree.

I painted these ceramics eons ago...I always loved minis

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