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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Strawberry Birthday Cakes

I'm trying to get back into the swim, my fellow blog-ettes. :) Spring has almost sprung in the Mid-Atlantic and the moderate weather will be much kinder to my hand joints. So I can play with my clay again! Yay! We had a few birthday celebrations recently and I decided to copy the cakes we baked, and make similar treats in polymer clay.

Strawberry cake with chocolate ganache and whipped cream frosting.

Full size real thing - berry yummy!

More strawberry cake!

Finally used one of my new cake stands! Ain't it purdy? :)

More strawberry batter, comin' right up!

Sure feels good to be creating again...next up - Rainbow Cake!


  1. tudo tão delicioso,esta dando vontade de comer o bolo...bjs

  2. YUMMM-O

    Love your goodies.
    I'm your newest follower..I'd love to invite you to come over for a visit and follow me when you get a chance.

    Have a lovely week.


  3. Hi ladies,
    Thanks for the lovely comments! I so appreciate your taking the time to stop by.

    Sandy - I'm on it. Went over to your blog and signed on. ;)


  4. SE ve todo fantásticamente delicioso, eres una artista....besos.

  5. Wow..you are so kind... thanks for stopping by and perusing..hope you enjoyed your visit..I loved having you.
    Have some fun mini time.

  6. Enhorabuena por tan excelente trabajo !! Me ha gustado mucho visitar tu blog.
    Saludos, Pilar