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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vermont Dollhouse - More Work on the Conservatory Addition

Both additions have been painted and attached, they look marvelous! Real Good Toys is a win win for quality dollhouse materials! Just need to add the shingles and the exteriors are done!
Where in the world we're going to find a table/dollhouse stand to fit this very large house, I have no idea yet, but we'll figure something out. For now, our kitchen table is it. :)
The inside of the Conservatory addition - a.k.a. "music room" without the flooring installed.
A $1.26 block of adhesive backed vinyl tile from Home Depot made a terrific "marble" floor that took a minute to cut and install. Who knew?
The window interiors need framed, and we'll add a guitar, cello, music stand, perhaps a flute and some chairs, and some music infused pictures on the wall, and this room will be complete!

The lovely piano was purchased from Hobby Lobby.
The future dining room on the first floor, and a child's bedroom  on the second floor. We want to select just the right interior design and furniture. Woot Woot! :) We spray painted the ceiling in the dining room white first before installing wallpaper - learned THAT the hard way with the main house!
The main house - still a work in progress, eventually we'll add curtains and pictures on the walls, really personalize it and make it "cozy."
The staircase will be upgraded with posts and a railing.

These rooms definitely cry out for curtains and some floor rugs for warmth.

Lots of creativity waiting to be explored in here. :)

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  1. Me gusta muchisimo esa casita, y esa habitación con la pared llena de notas musicales!!! es preciosa!!!


  2. Thank you so much for stopping by! And for leaving such wonderful feedback! :D

    xoxo many mini hugs!

  3. me encanta toda la casa ...pero esa habitacion de musica me parece fantastica ¡¡

  4. Thank you so much Elisa! :) And thanks for stopping by!

    mini hugs,
    Jackie xoxo