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Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July Sweet Celebration!

It took over a month, but I finally completed my 4th of July Sweet Celebration. Lots of red, white and blue treats. Enjoy! And, happy weekend to everyone! :)

A brand new walnut display case!

Lemon cherry jello and peach pie on top

Gooey blueberry pie and orange blueberry jello..mmm...

Cherry, raspberry, and blueberry pies for sale!

Red, white and blue candy sticks and lollipops. More jello snack bars.

Red and blue lollies on a stick...

A whole cupboard full of fruit jellos...

I had so much fun working with this new mold technique....

The macaroon and cupcake cupboard

Lemon bundt cake and strawberry too!

A star spangled banner cake!

Ready to serve!

4th of July Celebration Cake Cupboard

Where all the fruity goodness started....

Baking in action....

Lemonade anyone??

Ready for the 4th of July - and just in time! 


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