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Friday, April 13, 2012

Mile High Cakes

It's freaky Friday the 13th and I'm totally psyched about this weather! Very dry, moderate temperatures give me a brief reprieve from my severe arthritis troubles. The stiffness is a...oh...7, instead of a 20 1/2 on a scale of 1 - 10 (that's not a typo btw, 20 1/2 - my flexibility and discomfort gets THAT disabling). So I'm making as many minis as I can before another flare drags me down and then it's days, weeks, and then months before I am physically able to post again.

What's that ancient Latin phrase again? Carpe diem? Yepperoni, I think that's it - So I will indeed "seize the day"!

Today's project - cakes. Yellow, strawberry, and chocolate (my favorite)! These extra tall 4 layer confections will be included in my project for the silent auction. Eek! Only a couple weeks away now! Slow but steady will win this race. ;) And more dry weather so I can keep moving. 

Candy and fruit toppings! M & Ms, raspberries, and dark chocolate curls.

It all started with this one...

The displays for the project are shaping up nicely...but I'll probably change them around, I always do. :)


  1. Oh! Jackie, I'm glad the weather improved, and that you no longer feel so much pain! I'll be wishing great things for you! I hope your next painful crisis never comes. Congratulations for the work, by overcoming and much kisses in your heart.

  2. Espero que el tiempo vaya mejorando, para que tu puedas hacer las maravillas que haces y no tengas dolor.
    Me encanta el trabajo que has hecho.
    besitos ascension

  3. Thank you all! I love comments. :) And looking at all your work on your beautiful blogs makes me soooo happy! It's some of the best medicine ever, to see so many lovely minis on your blogs. Like a great big ole pill full of sunshine! :)