Welcome to my collection of 1:12 scale miniature food made with love (and polymer clay) - for dollhouses or admirers of all-things-mini.

In life, it's the small things around you that matter the most. Embrace, enjoy, and savor every second with all your might.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Mini Cupcake Parade

Still workin' these cupcakes. Looks like I might wind up having enough for the silent auction piece I'm working on for the school carnival. After weeks grappling these itty bitty cakes with some very shaky hands, I finally created enough to fill the ranks of a miniature cupcake parade! (Well...that's what they look like to me when I lined them up on tiles to sort them out by toppings and decorations. :)

I love glass cake stands - bought these last year, finally filled them!

 Oh oh - "naked" yellow cupcakes. :) Quick! Get the frosting!

Strawberry frosting with tiny strawberry slices on top - I'm finally getting better at these fruit canes!

Yellow cupcakes - all frosted!

Rounding up all these pesky little cupcakes, took all afternoon...

Sorting them this way helps me to visually "count" how many I have...

OMG - it's a cupcake parade! Right then and there, The Music Man's signature song  Seventy-Six Trombones popped right into my head :)


  1. maravilloso trabajo te felicito ¡¡

  2. Hi Jackie! Heaven! How you have done!! And so beautiful! Wow! I'm open mouth and salivating .... what a delight! Congratulations! Cheers and kisses in your heart.

  3. I love love love your cupcakes, they look so yummy, mouthwatering, hhmmm :-) mine aren't that cute, believe me. I'm really sorry to hear about your health problems, wish I could help somehow .... Take care, Jackie and please never stop making your beautiful minis. Love, Dany

  4. Thank you all so very very much! The comments really make my day! You all are so wonderful! And thank you for the well wishes about my health. For several years I've battled lupus and Crohn's, and it's really getting to my joints and bones. My hands are not as flexible as they used to be. They stiffen up very easily. Working with clay helps them though. Rolling the clay is sort of like a mini-massage for my fingers and hands. But I have a really tough time keeping my hands steady and handling small objects. And I take a lot of rest breaks. But better to do a little bit of minis, than none at all, right? Minis keep my spirits up and keep me looking on the bright side. ;) I'll take it!

    Hugs to all!