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Monday, August 20, 2012

Grapefruit Cane Redux

Canes...hmmm...how ironic that I chose to work on fruit canes recently. You know how the hip bone is [supposed to be] connected to the knee bone, and the knee bone is connected to the ankle bone? Well mine aren't connecting anymore. Physiologically impossible but it feels that way. My knees do this tricky little backwards bendy thing when I walk. I can actually hear the bones in my knees grinding and clicking with each swash-bucklin' step. I never imagined I'd need a cane before I reached the big 5 - 0 but my legs are too wobbly, like a newborn deer when it struggles to walk on its spindly little legs for the first time. Pushing all remaining fragments of vanity aside I finally relented and got a semi-modern-looking blue cane. It's kinda hip (pun intended). My kids want to paint flames on it (a-la - "Dr. House") so it looks like I'm traveling faster. :)

Back to the grapefruit. When I first started making polymer clay miniature foods three years ago my fruit canes were...well...they were ugly. The colors were wrong, my technique, or lack thereof, made the segments look twisted. My recent attempt at making a decent grapefruit cane however, is a vast improvement. This cane is one that I'm not the least bit shy about using to adorn my little mini cakes and tarts.

The other cane, the one that helps me walk...hmmm...still not feeling the love for that one yet....but this new grapefruit cane is one that has me dancin' (in my chair of course!)

Supersize me! Click on the photos to enlarge. :)

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  1. your work is amazing. I'm still learning clay and I want to be able to make amazing miniature sweets/foods like you! Thank you for your inspiration!

  2. Hi Jackie,
    Your grapefruit canes are amazing, they look really realistic.
    I love the fact that you found a semi-modern blue cane for walking :) I hope there will still be times when you don't need to use it and I really hope things will improve for you.
    hugs ♥vicky♥

  3. Thank you both so much! Unfortunately the cane has been recently replaced (for longer distances anyway) by a new wheelchair - it's okay, at least it makes me go much faster while browsing for crafts to brighten my day. :)And I'm not as tired when I use it to get around.