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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lemon Cane (da da da) Very Pretty....

It's not exactly a "lemon tree" like in the song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3FSRW2qFjM...I just had this jaunty little tune rambling through my head as I rolled out my latest new and improved cane work. My first lemon slices a few years ago screamed "FAKE!" The segments inside were flat in color, almost opaque...nothing like a real lemon. Lemon candy...hmmm...maybe...but even that was a stretch! I finally figured out the right mix of translucent and color to create a more see through effect inside the lemon. And using really rough sandpaper to texture the outside of whole or half lemons is working well for me too.

And might I add, the warming soothing effect of rolling out clay canes between my arthritic hands feels pretty darn nice. If only I had more energy to make more in one day!

Click the photos to supersize!

About halfway there, size-wise. A little more rolling needed...

There we go! Now that's the size we want. Dollies in the dollhouse do not need watermelon size lemons! And I'm happy with the way the individual segments turned out. I've yet to see a real lemon slice where each individual segment is exactly the same size. Mother Nature is not perfect. ;)
I'm sooo glad, neither am I! ha!

Kind of reminds me of the "army" of cupcakes I created a while ago. Tons of little lemon slices lined up everywhere on the tile. Enough lemon slices to last through quite a few cakes, pies, and lemony tarts....Lemon cane....very pretty....da da da da da da da! :)

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments! I love them all!!


  1. You did a splendid job with your lemons. They look so real.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Nice job on the lemon canes. It's fun to see the artist at work! Thanks for the tips too! xo Jennifer

  3. Un fantastico trabajo, absolutamente real!!
    besitos ascension