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Friday, December 28, 2012

More Mini Stoves - More Fun! :)

Hello and Happy Holidays to all my fellow bloggers and miniaturists! Hope you are all enjoying the holidays! It's great to have a break from the usual chaotic pace of life, so the slower lazier days of this week offers much for me to embrace and appreciate the rest.

I have a LOT of pictures for this post, finally catching up on posting about my progress repairing a huge lot of broken stoves that I purchased for a "song" from my favorite local miniature shop - Gibby's Dollhouses and Miniatures in Westminster, MD. And, the rest has been helpful and my hands eased up enough to allow me to complete another miniature stove ornament, only 5 more left to make, LOL. They might be finished by the 4th of July the way my hands have been feeling lately. They get sore much sooner, and my fingers lock up, and I have to stop and take many breaks in between. Sometimes the exhaustion piles on top of that, and it's a while before I can make a comeback. But it's okay, I work when I can and really learn to appreciate the moments when I am physically adept enough to create. I love my minis, and I miss them when I can't work with them.

Click on the pics to enlarge...

This Pennsylvania Dutch stove came with no legs, three of the doors missing, and very banged up in general. A light sanding, a coat of black, flat spray paint, and the addition of wooden furniture legs and polymer clay molded doors and it looks almost like new again!

One of the Pennsylvania Dutch stoves was also missing a faucet, silver polymer clay to the rescue!
The second stove was in far worse shape, all the doors were missing, and handles, so I had to do the best I could with clay and bead wire.
Another mini stove ornament - my first try with a bag of marshmallows, S'mores, and a tiny gingerbread house.

I love making these fruit trays, now that I got the hang of making the two-tiered dessert stands!

The Conservatory addition for the Vermont Farmhouse Jr. manufactured by Real Good Toys in Vermont. They make the best dollhouses! All the pieces are accurately cut and fit together easily, assembly is a snap. My youngest got this addition, and the two-story addition, from Santa, to add to her farmhouse. This will be the music room, she wants to be a music teacher one day. :)
Major construction area...lol...in our kitchen.
The main house - we put this together 5 years ago. 
With the conservatory - not yet attached, but making progress on the exterior.
Starting work on the other addition, this house is going to be HUGE !!
Thanks so much for stopping by! Many mini-hugs to all for the New Year!

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