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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Springtime Breakfast Tray

Every year, I can't wait for spring. My warm weather radar kicks into gear around the first of January (snow is always a major bummer - it hijacks my dreams of sunny days and butterflies and yanks me back to the reality of the calendar). So here I've tried to replicate a springtime inspired breakfast, with fresh strawberries and Red River grapefruit on the side. I'm still on the learning curve, trying to work on making "tea" look like..well...tea. And refining my colors to match the hues of baked croissants with melting butter on top, and fried bacon (I think mine needs a little more fat, don't you?) that just came out of the frying pan. And maybe next time, I'll go easy on the pepper on the eggs. The beauty of miniatures, is truly in the tiny details. I'm working on it.

A rather large breakfast after near starvation during winter hibernation. 
Here's what I started with - raw, unbaked clay, some white Fimo and translucent eggs whites, Fimo orange yolk (free-range, organic eggs -these babies are fresh from the chicken), and bacon - a little chocolate, a little caramel, and some translucent and white Fimo. Meh...it's still a work in progress. 
And here's how it looks - baked, with some glossy glaze. Still trying to perfect that warm skillet grease "effect."  

Coin comparison - yes, it's that teeny. I made the board from craft store wood, painted it white, and then painted on details of spring flowers. 

Fresh flowers are a nice touch, eh? I tried to make these look like the brilliantly flamboyant "Parrot" tulips I've seen in the Brecht's spring bulb catalog. Wish I could capture a close up of the petal edges, they did turn out really cool.

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