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Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Foods - Prep Boards (Exquisite Imperfections)

Sort of a "part deux" to my Easter mini food post last night. It occurred to me as I securitized my preparation boards that while I'm a good cook in real life... I'm a pretty messy one too. The prep boards I worked on last night looked much too....neat. I mean, who does that??? While they’re up to their elbows deep in the task of creating extraordinary confections? Seriously? I don’t get out of the kitchen alive without some spillage on the countertop, frosting on the floor, or cake batter on the walls. (Note to self - watch those high speed kamikaze mixers.) Even Martha Stewart, the beacon of all-things-home keeping, can't be this neat.

So I "fixed" the prep boards...a little spilled frosting here, some food coloring drippage there. And flour flour everywhere! Actually, my daughters and I look like abominable snowmen (or snow 'women' to be PC - ha!) whenever we make cookies or cake. So why not - life is messy sometimes. We gotta either clean it up...or...just roll with it (Easter eggs - "roll" with it..oh..nevermind ;)


There we go - who said coloring eggs encased inside a loaf of fresh baked Easter egg bread was easy?

That frosting is pretty good, and gooey.

Getting cake batter into the muffin tins without some drips, is totally impossible.

Apricot preserves - my favorite long roll - ever!


  1. It boggles my mind how you made all this stuff! Are you using polymer clay? Or is it real? Did you actually bake those muffins in that mini tin? Sorry, I am just trying to figure out how you did that stuff. It is amazing!!

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Thank you so much! I actually learned a lot of the techniques watching YouTube how-to videos, and from books by Angie Scarr - she is an amazing polymer clay miniature artist. Some of my favorite book and demo links are on the right side of my blog page. I've been working with polymer clay miniature foods for about a year now.

    All best,