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Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Everywhere!

Been busy prepping in the mini-kitchen. Wow! I kind of got carried away...

I love this teeny mixer!

Gotta have candy chicks for Easter...
Cookies, cakes, and cupcakes - sugar heaven!

The rainbow Easter cake - all decked out in pastel.

More chicks!

Chocolate bunnies, cream filled eggs, and more cupcakes, of course.

Baked breads, and chocolates and cookies!

These are a favorite from my childhood - my mom used to make long rolls every Easter - filled with walnut filling, apricot filling (my favorite), and poppy seed. Mmmmm....

The bread cupboard holds long rolls, dinner rolls, and pagach - a Slovak pizza - a simple European perfection - homemade bread dough filled with creamy potato cheese filling (like pierogies) and fresh baked ham cubes. OMG - the flavor is awesomely NOM NOM NOM!

Sweet treats - all ready for Easter!

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