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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Wine Tasting

This one is a gift for a friend of mine. She loves pairing wine and food, and trying new recipes. A la "Martha Stewart." So I wanted to recreate a special scene in miniature for her. I recently delved into the brave new world of liquid glass resins and trying my hand at a few simple castings. The wine glasses and bottles were purchased from the craft store (I personalized the wine bottles with teeny labels). The "Depression-era" glass plates - the scalloped edge cradling the cheddar wedge, and the star shaped plate holding the chunk of Brie cheese, are my first attempts using liquid resin, enhanced with a dab of burgundy oil paint. Not too shabby...not too shabby at'all.

There's always some last minute prep work to be done. Oyster shucking is hard work.

The new Premo granite clays are awesome, and they make it super easy to create realistic pots, pans, and bowls - the bowl holding the oysters waiting to be shucked looks like a real granite bowl; and the cracker and cheese board is arranged on a deep blue granite.

How else can we figure out whose glass is whose - ah - the little wine charms around the stem.

Chocolate heaven!

Smoked salmon, early Spring asparagus, and succulent Chesapeake Bay oysters. Yes, that's a real scallop shell.

All set - ready for the guests!




  1. Hi Jackie:

    Devonne at Artway said I should contact you about your art, but just gave me your blog address. I see no other way to contact you. I hope you see this email. :-\

  2. Hi Lara, I did indeed check my blog tonight :) getting ready to post an English tea service I'm working on currently....how can I help you?


  3. Hi! I did not see this till now. I am looking for someone who might be able to provide "classes" on making polymer clay food. When I mentioned this to Devonne at Artway, she immediately thought of you. Feel free to contact me at larisarbriggs@gmail.com, if you or someone you know might be interested. Thanks Jackie! Your work is so beautiful.