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Friday, March 18, 2011

English Tea Service - The Table is Set!

I had to wait for a few pieces I ordered online to come in, namely, the small glass containers and the porcelain dishes, to complete this darling set. This one goes to a lovely British friend for her upcoming birthday. I hope she likes it. ;)

And more on the found objects theme – I used wood scraps and leftover satin pieces (thanks Kate!) to make a charming table upon which to serve my English tea. Not too shabby. Or is it shabby chic?

Enjoy! (Easter themes coming soon, like..tomorrow) Wow - it's almost officially spring!

A service fit for a queen!

Lemons, lemons, everywhere! Lemon pound cake, lemon curd, lemon tarts, and some clotted cream in a bowl.

Sandwich assembly line. Cucumbers and egg salad.

Making tarts...with English flour. :)

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