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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Rainy day Wednesday here. I'm trying my hand at building some dollhouse furniture.  Why oh why should I put myself through the torture? I'm a miniature food artist, not a furniture maker! Sigh. Well....I'm stepping through the looking glass because I want to stage more elaborate displays for my miniature foods. And that will require some unique furniture. Did I mention - teeny tiny furniture? That's not already set up in my daughters' dollhouses?

After searching high and low for wood I could work with easily, I hit pay dirt yesterday! I found unfinished miniature wood cabinets for only a $1 at Michael's (lowest bottom shelf in the wood section, so sitting on the floor was required to root through everything). But for $1 a piece? Seriously? I scooped up five with the intent to break them down and do a little furniture redesign in my craft workroom. Hmmmm.....the question was...what to try first? My teen has developed an insatiable passion for playing piano and violin (and she's pretty darn good too ;)

So I rolled up my sleeves and started taking apart the unfinished cabinets to try and make a 1/12th scale piano for her dollhouse (I also made a few kitchen cabinets to hang on the kitchen walls too).

Here's the end result - ta-da!! The keys are made from polymer clay. Not too bad for my first attempt at furniture making?  I will strive however, for more intricate perfection in the future...

Here's where it all started:

"Gutting" the furniture (hammer, flat head screwdriver, and a few sore thumbs - ouch!):

The transformation starts taking shape.....
Chopsticks make great piano legs....

Making extra cabinets from the leftovers - these will look great on the kitchen walls! Finally....a place for the girls to put their miniature dollhouse dishes.

Ready to play! (All it needs now is an audio box with the theme song from The Sting ;) 

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