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Sunday, March 13, 2011

English Tea Service

An English tea service - still a work in progress. This week I've been working on the components - platters of cookies and cakes, and sandwiches. Along the way I discovered that "found" objects, simple things like bottle caps and electrical wiring caps, make some pretty nifty cake stands. I also tried my hand with liquid resin to create some fancy "Depression" era serving plates. Hmmmm....All in all, not bad. I'll definitely be experimenting with more everyday objects in the future.
The cookie "pan" is really a dog tag from the jewelry finding dept.

Blue liquid resin platter holds tiny cucumber and egg salad sandwiches. The "glass" cover on the sandwich board is a "found" object - not really sure what it is - but it makes a nice mini-cover.

Blue liquid resin platter - holds piping hot rolls.

Cutting off the crust makes sandwiches so dainty.

Flattened bottle caps - painted silver.

Lots of work to do!

Slicing cucumbers for tea sandwiches.

Can't forget the egg salad - farm fresh eggs are the best!