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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bake Shop Teacher Magnets

Just got out of the hospital after a pesky autoimmune flare up so I'm a little behind posting comments, and reading my own (yikes!) but I'll get back in the game soon. A little tired, no, make that...a LOT tired, still. I plan on spending the next few weeks getting lots of rest. 

I did have a little bit of time and energy to snap some pictures of the magnet sets I created for my daughter's elementary school teachers as an end-of-the-school year niftie giftie. We attached heavy duty disc shaped magnets under the prep boards so the magnets can hold up lots of papers or pictures, or whatever. 

I can't wait to see what I've missed on all of your wonderful blogs! Going to take a few weeks hiatus to rest and recoup, and will be back soon. Hope everyone is doing well! :) Happy mini-making! 

Click on the photos to supersize....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spring Piano Recital

Sooo....even moms with health problems gotta roll with the tide once in awhile. Especially when spring time brings a zillion performances, concerts, and school activities that the kids are involved in, and that I love attending no matter how awful I feel. Well, one of our daughters happens to have the best piano teacher in the world. And I was wracking my brains trying to think of something special to give her teacher after the spring piano recital to show her how much we appreciate her. And then I thought! - a Mini Scene! But what kind? What would it include??? So I started trolling my favorite websites and mini-supply connections. And lo and behold! There it was! A lovely miniature grand piano that plays music - at Gibby's Dollhouses and Miniatures in Westminster (the last of a dying breed around these parts - a real brick and mortar dollhouse store where you can still shop in person and peruse the minis). 

Before I knew it, the idea started to grow! The scene would include the piano, and a "teacher" and a "student" eagerly paying attention....

Click on the photos to make them super big! :)

The "tree" platform is a salute to the lovely woods that surround us along the drive to lessons. 

The piano plays Beethoven's "Fur Elise" - ironically this was the song my daughter played for the December recital! I was so psyched when I realized it - what better way to really personalize the gift?
And, the piano teacher's beloved boxers - Kitz and Carly. Kitz (the tan boxer) passed away this spring, but I thought it appropriate to still include her. These are the gentlest dogs, always greeting us at the door when we come in for lessons, furiously wagging their little stumpy tails and waiting to be petted and adored. 

Some of the music my daughter has played for previous recitals. Another way to personalize. 
It wasn't easy finding boxers with ears that weren't cropped (like Kitz and Carly). And I had to apply a coat of dark paint to match the real life Carly's dark brindle coat.
Treats and confections for the piano teacher's book club meeting later that evening. 

The books are there, ready for discussion time. (I'm not great at book making, the pages do not open or turn, they are simply a block of polymer clay with page indentations made with one of my polymer clay knives.)
Our piano teacher always gives her students a huge Hershey candy bar at Halloween time. I thought it would be nifty to toss a few into this scene. 
I went a little crazy with the mini foods. ;) Think I have enough? The rainbow cake is there again too! It's one of my mini "specialties." 

I am also in the process of catching up with all of your delightful blogs. I made some progress the other day and got to quite a few but my health is still dogging me pretty badly so I'm making my way to commenting on everyone's outstanding work, a little at a time. Looking at all of your lovely blogs really brightens my day! :) As do your comments on my blog!