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Monday, July 16, 2012

Planning Ahead - Grandma's Stove

Helllloooooo.....I'm back. Briefly. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all your well wishes and encouraging thoughts. I love reading your wonderful comments, they really make my day. These are indeed the lazy days of summer. Not because I want them to be, but because the lupus is still winning the battle with this latest flare. Not to worry though my fellow blog-ettes. :) I'm resting a lot, staying out of the sun, and exercising in the local swimming pool when I have the energy. I have a very supportive and helpful family and network of friends.

And I rest, did I already mention that? I'm probably too exhausted to remember. ;) Ha!

I haven't had the energy or physical strength to do minis, or blog, or comment, but every once in a while I peruse your blogs trying to catch up. The eye candy really lifts my spirits, minis really can do that! I did stumble upon a wonderful old-fashioned stove that I would love to make a mini scene with for special friends and family as holiday gifts. I'll take it easy and keep resting so that some day soon I can start to bring my mini dreams to reality with these adorable stoves that I found at one of my favorite brick and mortar dollhouse stores - Gibby's in Westminster, MD. Thanks Jeannette!!! So here I am, making a quick appearance to share my wonderful find with all of you!

The minute I saw this stove I thought of my mom's mother's kitchen. Grandma had a coal burning stove just like this miniature one in her kitchen on the farm. She used to warm her iron on it (yes, the iron she used to press clothes), and she could bake and cook anything in it. The thing I remember most was her hand cut kluski noodles she used to cut with a long knife on a big board on the kitchen table, while a pot of homemade chicken soup simmered on the stove top. Mmmmm.....I can taste it now.
With no thermometers or modern temperature regulators in these things, how in the world did they make such fantastic homemade cakes without burning them?
Oh yeah! I found a new bead finding in a thrift store a few months ago and managed to make a new mold from it - I'm thinking....the "feet" for a new cake pedestal design?

The new doll my youngest daughter purchased for her lovely little farmhouse! Gibby's has the best looking little dolls! The perfect addition to her little kitchen!
I have big ideas for this baby, just hope I can muster the energy to bring them to fruition.