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Saturday, June 22, 2013

4th of July at the Farmhouse

Thanks to Real Good Toys for making their high quality and easy-to-build dollhouse kits that helped us create this wonderful Vermont Jr. Farmhouse and its adorable additions. :) My health hasn't been the greatest lately...so I dropped out of "mini-world" again for a while for much needed rest. In the meantime my daughters helped put together some lovely decorations I just had to share with all my fellow bloggers.

Click on the pics to enlarge. Have a wonderful summer everyone!

 The "Ross" resin doll from the amazing Houseworks collection, available at Hobby Builder's Supply. The girls love these dolls, they said they aren't "scary" looking like some of the dollhouse dolls they've seen, LOL. They are very handsomely made and realistic. Awesome! The charcoal grill came from Hobby Builder's Supply too, and the Adirondack chairs came from Manor House Miniatures, so did the mini flags. The side tables were handmade, so was the blue bench along the wall. And of course, the mini barbecue food too!

This darling little lady doll doesn't exactly fit in with the time period, but she's so lovely we just had to include her. :) Isn't that garden hose terrific? Thanks Hobby Builder's Supply!

 Another wonderful outdoor chair - from Manor House Miniatures!

The handmade white porch swing - took 2 months to create and line up the links in the chain just right so the swing sat evenly. But we like the end result.

Wait for guests to arrive for the barbecue - more Houseworks collection resin dolls from Hobby Builder's Supply, helped create a welcoming front porch scene.

Handcrafted green porch chairs - some balsa wood strips and spray paint, and voila! Porch chairs!

Close ups of polymer clay mini foods - banana split sundaes, lemonade, and a salty margarita!

Food's almost done!

Happy 4th of July! Thanks for following! :D