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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mixer Mania

First of all I want to thank all my lovely followers and welcome the newbies and all those who entered my recent Easter giveaway. We had so much fun and now the minis are on their way to the far away lands of Finland and Russia! I'm so psyched thinking that minis made by little ole me here in the States are now going to have a new home in amazing locales across the globe! Un-freaking-believable! Yay!!! :D

For a while now my daughters and I have been on the lookout for unique little mixers for their dollhouse kitchens. We are HUGE bakers (in real life) and mixers completely fascinate us. Especially miniature ones! And boy did we find some cuties! eBay sellers had adorable ACME mixer magnets in playscale size that we bought and repainted in vibrant metallic and primary colors. The ACME mixers are a little big for our 1:12 scale dollhouses, but we just pretend that the dolls do a lot of baking and these are large commercial size mixers. :) Then we found another tiny little mixer on eBay that was rather drab in color (but had an awesome round wire beater attachment and a clear mixing bowl) so we repainted that one pink, and we also found a wooden mixer we repainted and replaced the really tiny dough hook with an eye hook from the hardware store. And then there are a few of the typical dollhouse mixers you find online, which we also repainted. Just for fun. :)

This post was inspired by Kim Saulter's wonderful blog, It's a Miniature Life, which features many little 1:12 scale Kitchen Aid-type mixers in lots of delicious colors, and Roxanne Fern's Baking in Miniature blog post on Playscale Mixers. Head on over and check out their blogs if you haven't already, these two women are amazing miniature artists, their kitchens are the most fabulous mini kitchens I've ever seen! They look so darn real! And I believe that Kim has a new book out that really showcases her fabulous work with mini kitchens. :) I'm going to have to definitely buy that book from her.

I also changed the design of my blog. Trying to make it very "reader friendly" and easy on the eyes, but still splashed with color. Let me know what you think of the new design, did you like the old design better? I love comments and read them all! ;)

Click on the pics below to supersize and view in gallery mode. And thanks for following! :D

All the little mixers, all lined up. (And Angie Scarr's wonderful books on mini making in the background.) 
The light green mixer on the left is the tiny wooden mixer we purchased from  Manor House Miniatures, and repainted and added the eye hook. The pink mixer next to it we found on eBay and repainted it. That one was particularly unique in design. The yellow mixer came from Hobby Builder's Supply, it came in silver and we repainted it yellow, and the red and blue mixers we've had for a while, purchased online (they were white) from an eBay seller. :)

Love this unique little gem! :)

Another Hobby Builder's Supply mixer. This one is really tiny, and it doesn't have a cord (the cord you see is attached to the blue mixer next to it.)

Sans bowls! So you can see the paddle attachments better. :)
I really liked the wire whip attachment on the pink one (which was a very dull shade of brown and tan when we purchased it). 

This is how some of the mixers are displayed in the dollhouse. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a merry mini day! :D

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter Giveaway Winners!!!

I cannot believe how exciting this was! :D Not only did I discover many new and incredibly talented fellow bloggers to follow because of this contest, but the anticipation of who would win has been building every day as I saw more and more lovely comments coming in. So, without further ado, here's how we did the drawing (had to wait for dear youngest daughter to get home tonight after basketball and soccer practice ;)

Prize Number 1 - Easter Dreams :)
Prize Number 2: Easter Bread Prep Board :)
First we printed the comments pages from the blog...

Then, we cut each one into little strips of paper...Good Luck to everyone!!! 

Then we folded them, and placed them into a glass vase...mixed them up real good...

Then my youngest reached in to draw the 1st name, to win the Easter Dreams mini. :)

Oooooooh......can't wait to see...who is it? who is it? Drum roll please........

Micaela!!! Our first name drawn is Micaela!! :D Congratulations!!!

Now, for the Easter Bread Prep Board.....my older daughter gives it a try....reaching in....

And who will this winner be?

Daria!!! The second name drawn is Daria Prus!! :D Congrats!!!

Micaela and Daria, Please send me your mailing addresses, so we can get the minis out in the mail this week. You can email them to me via the email link on the blog, at jackiemdwriter@gmail.com.

And I really and truly want to thank everyone who visited my blog and took the time to leave a comment to enter the contest, and for all of you who posted a link on your blogs! You are all tremendous and wonderfully talented, I feel so honored to be a part of such a terrific mini making community! :D Welcome to all my new followers, and many, many mini hugs to all of you who entered the contest and have been following along. This was so much fun, we're going to have to do this again!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easter Giveaway Contest!

My first one! I am so psyched that I finally managed to create two adorable minis for my first ever blog giveaway. :) Celebrating reaching 100 followers (+ 9) and to thank everyone for following along since I started this little ole blog about 2 years ago. Your blogs have been such an amazing source of inspiration and creativity, I love following all of your mini escapades as well.

This being my first contest please forgive me if I don't get everything quite right, live and learn I guess. :) So feel free to send me a message if might have screwed something up in the contest rules. I'm always up for help. I'll keep the rules real simple so I can keep all my marbles together. So here they are:

Contest Rules:
1. Leave a comment on this post. Yep, that's it. Just leave a comment on this giveaway announcement post stating that you wish to be entered into this contest, and at the end of the contest I'll print off the comments page, and cut each name with comment into those tiny strips of paper. My girls and I will put them all in a box, and I'll have them do the picking. :) They love that sort of thing!

2. There are 2 minis up for giveaway. Each one is in 1:12 scale. One is an Easter bread prep board. We make these, for real, each Easter, and I <3 making them in miniature. And the other is "Easter Dreams" with a spring checkerboard cake (I was inspired by the new Wilton cake pan I saw in the craft store last week), an Easter basket, eggs, and a bag of jellybeans. The first two names we pluck from the box will win, the first name/comment drawn will receive the "Easter Dreams" mini, the second name/comment drawn will receive the Easter egg bread prep board. Once we have our winners I will post it all on the blog (with pics of the drawing) and the winners can email me their mailing info so we can ship the minis out asap.

3. The contest deadline to leave a comment on this post is two weeks from now, Wednesday, March 20th, at 6 p.m. E.S.T. in the U.S. That way that should give me enough time to ship them out so the winners can receive their pieces in time for Easter. :)

It's that easy. (I think) Did I cover everything? Rules? Deadline? How to win? Send me an email if I forgot an important detail.

And now, for the pics - (click on the photo to supersize).

"Easter Dreams" - this prize will go to the first name drawn from the box.
This mini includes one Easter checkerboard cake topped with yellow and pink roses, seated on a yellow cake stand; one Easter basket filled with Easter eggs, 1 wrapped chocolate bunny and 1 wrapped chocolate egg (see closeup pic below for detail of the chocolate egg and bunny without the wrapping); one slice on checkerboard cake with a scoop of melting chocolate chip ice cream; one plate of colored Easter eggs; and one teeny bag of jellybeans. All items are glued to the wooden circle.

Closeup of the unwrapped chocolate bunny and chocolate egg - bow color and the piping color of the wrapped bunny and egg varies from this one.

Next, for the second name drawn we have the Easter egg bread prep board:
This mini features a mini rolling pin sitting atop a mound of floured dough; one box of flour; one blue bowl filled with dough and raw eggs and a mixing spoon handle; one cracked egg on the board; several colored eggs and regular eggs lying about; and one freshly baked Easter egg bread. All items are glued to the board.

Thanks again for following! Good luck to all contestants! Spread the word, a contest is finally afoot at Micro Munchies! :D