Welcome to my collection of 1:12 scale miniature food made with love (and polymer clay) - for dollhouses or admirers of all-things-mini.

In life, it's the small things around you that matter the most. Embrace, enjoy, and savor every second with all your might.


I am nowhere NEAR as talented as these amazing polymer clay artists. So I thought I might help promote fellow bloggers/artists by posting links to their amazing tutorials here on my blog's tutorials page, and putting the collection of links right at our fingertips for easy reference. :) Don't hesitate to give me a shout if you know of any other amazing tutorials I should add to the list.

Flickr Photostreams (these are free):

Amazing work by spectacular polymer clay artists, with step-by-step photos!

Banana Canes:

Shay Aaron: Making a Banana Cane

Cucumber Canes:

Kiwi Canes:

Papagodesign: Kiwi Cane Tutorial

Lemon Canes:

PetitPlat from Stephanie Kilgast: Lemon Cane and Halved Lemons

Strawberry Canes:

Shay Aaron: Making a Strawberry Cane

Snowfern Clover: Huge Strawberry

Snowfern Clover: Scaled down strawberry cane

Tomato Canes:

Shay Aaron: Making a Tomato Cane

Shay Aaron: The New Tomato Cane

Mononoke Sparky

Aubergine Cane:

Shay Aaron: Making an Aubergine Cane

YouTube: (free)

CaroHomeCrafts Channel

The perfection of the teeny tiny mini cupcakes I saw on some blogs used to both baffle and astound me. The Valentine Cupcakes tutorial provided by Hummingbird Miniatures (one of the bloggers I faithfully follow) is absolutely wonderful! This artist is so talented and one of many I find incredibly inspiring. Go to the YouTube link above at CaroHomeCrafts to subscribe to Caroline's channel. Thank you for doing these videos Caroline!

VictoriaMiniland: How to Make Miniature Bread

The first tutorial I ever watched while cruising YouTube for polymer clay channels. Easy peasy, anyone can do this one! :)

VictoriaMiniland: How to Make Miniature Grapefruit

VictoriaMiniland: How to Make Miniature Potatoes

Garden of Imagination

Down-to-earth and easy-to-follow tutorials by artist/mom/hobbyist, Angela. Definitely worth a look see at her instructional videos.

Subscription/Fee-based Downloadable Tutorials:


Sign up is free. After registering, members can purchase downloadable tutorials for a nominal fee. Members can also contribute their own original tutorials for additional credit toward purchases. Not a bad deal! :) I purchased a miniature cupcake tutorial by none other than Betsy Niederer, polymer clay miniature food artist extraordinaire. The detailed instructions came with plenty of color photographs. High quality - easy to follow. Definitely money well spent. My cupcakes look terrific!

Mini Food Tutorials

Macaroon tutorials that are out of this world. Well illustrated and well written. Start up venture by two young polymer clay artists with a whole lot of talent. Definitely worth following to see the tutorials coming up next (some free, some for a nominal fee - hey, artists have to make money too, right?) :D

Artists' Websites:

This fantastic UK artist provides a few tutorials on her website that you can view for free, or, you can purchase her hard copy books as well. I have two, The Miniature Foods Masterclass, and Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls - they are wonderfully detailed and beautifully photographed. Making polymer clay miniatures has never been so much fun! These books are my go-to resource for the skinner blending technique and complex cane making.

My first lesson in cake making, especially "texturing" the cake slices, came from this tutorial. Ah...memories. :)

In addition to Betsy's work, you can find lots of other free tutorials here that are easy to follow and adequately illustrated. 

Several easy tutorials on this page. 


Brilliant tutorials, new ones uploaded frequently on the home page. 

Home blog to the infamous "Michael's Hutch Bash" that I love so much.

Dollhouse Miniature Furniture

Step-by-step detailed instructions and lots of pictures make these tutorials easy to follow.

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