Welcome to my collection of 1:12 scale miniature food made with love (and polymer clay) - for dollhouses or admirers of all-things-mini.

In life, it's the small things around you that matter the most. Embrace, enjoy, and savor every second with all your might.

Our Dollhouses

My daughters love these dollhouses that we built several years ago from kits purchased from our local A.C. Moore store (the 50% off coupons really helped!) The kits are made by Real Good Toys. Nothing can beat their high quality and durability...and putting them together? Super easy. A mini-construction worker - I am NOT! Very little tools or nails are required and most of the floors, walls, and windows are pre-cut right out of the box, and interlock nicely into one another.

The possibilities for projects to personalize these houses and add more realism to the rooms, are endless. The girls knitted tiny bedspreads for the bedrooms (draperies and baby blankets for the cribs are next on the to do list) and I kept adding to the kitchens with "kit bash" cabinets (Only 49 cents each for the unfinished wooden cabinets at Michael's - I think they are trying to get rid of these little beauties). We took them apart and remodeled them by painting, staining, and reconfiguring them, and hung them on the kitchen walls to look like real cabinets. And of course, we added more miniature foods. Once you build a dollhouse, it's kind of like your real one - there's always a home improvement project to do or something to add to its decor and scenes. So much fun, I rarely hear the phrase "I'm bored" on rainy or snowy days. :)

Sorry my photos are not the best quality - one day I'll get a "real" camera.

The sun rises on Vermont. 

Lots of room inside to unleash your creativity!

Busy kitchen!

More cabinetry. 

The tiny knitted bedspread.

The nursery.

The little dollhouse is darling! A neat find. 

A so-so sewing room - needs more decor. 

An informal living room - cozy!

Lots of room inside this one too.

A huge Victorian - maybe in San Francisco?

The sun rises over Frisco...

The music/living room...the piano is a "kit-bash" from one (or two) of those Michael's cabinets. The keys are polymer clay. :)

Another splendid find - a super tiny violin! 1/12 scale. Thank you eBay sellers!

Morning in the dining room. 

Punch bowl from Hobby Lobby

Breakfast in bed.

A close up of the knitted pink bedspread.

Candyland anyone?

Another busy kitchen, just like our own. 

Another Michael's cabinet re-do, with a polymer clay tile counter.

I love it when the morning sun appears.

Stocking cupboard shelves - still lots to do here.

Lots of breads!


  1. Hi .... Oh I love your dollhouses, so many beautiful details. I can tell how much love you did put in those houses.

  2. Thank you Dany. :) We loved building them!