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Monday, February 24, 2014

Miniature Cookie Jars and Mini Musical Instruments

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a beautiful mini making day! Just wanted to dash off a quick post to show off some of the wonderful minis we found online. Our daughters play the violin and the piano, so of course their dollhouses HAD to have music rooms too. We already had a mini violin and piano and needed more instruments to expand the symphony.

These photos are on my Pinterest board too. :) All minis are in 1:12th scale.

Darling little cookie jars from Manor House Miniatures

Filled with our chocolate chip and jelly bean cookies that we made from polymer clay.

A 1:12th scale guitar from eBay.

The detail is awesome!

A lovely 1:12th scale flute!

An amazing miniature cello in 1:12th scale. The details are stunning! Right down to the foot on the bottom.

Thanks for stopping by! :) 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dollhouse Highlights - A Loooong Overdue Catch Up Post :)

First off I want to welcome everyone back to my blog. I hope you all are having a marvelous early spring after this horrendous winter we've been having especially on the East Coast. I'm sooo over winter - ready for warmer weather and hopefully better health too. :) My health has kept me from blogging since late last summer and many projects have either gone untouched or I had a LOT of help getting the things you see in these photos completed. In the last several months I just never could manage to get to the computer to blog about the progress, and my severely arthritic hands would not cooperate enough to handle the minis or typing. However, I do update our dollhouse photos as they change through the seasons from my phone camera by posting them to my Pinterest boards here Pinterest mmhbminiatures, which you can visit anytime for more recent mini updates. It's so much easier to post pictures without blogging about them, as I've become a lady of many lesser words these days. ;)

Speaking of words, let's just get to the quick of it shall we and I'll show you some of the things my family and friends have helped me finish over the last few months. Thanks so much for stopping by my long abandoned blog. I'll try to keep current and also visit all of your marvelous blogs. For those of you reading who are also on Pinterest I've really enjoyed your dollhouse and mini photos; when I'm terribly ill, they brighten my day tremendously. I'd love it if you leave a comment, and promise to read them and respond whenever I am able. :)

Easter will be here before we know it...how about a nice spring flower and Easter egg wreath for the front door on the farmhouse? 

Springtime flowers and plants for the music room too!

That is one messy sink! LOL Thanks to a tutorial on YouTube by Garden of Imagination we learned how to make bubbles for the miniature dollhouse sinks and tubs. Garden of Imagination - Making bubbles

If only all our household messes were THIS small. LOL

The third floor of the farmhouse underwent a renovation, this time, we did it right with the orientation of the room dividers and different wallpapers for each room. Ahhhh....we like this much better!

Awesome bubbles!

A.C. Moore had these on sale - miniature board games (they're really key chains, but shhhhh...we don't have to tell...LOL). They're not quite 1:12 scale, but darn close enough. ;) The Life game spinner really works! Total awesomeness!

The Monopoly board is magnetic, so the tiny playing pieces and dice stay put. No money or Chance cards yet, a good mini printies site should help us take care of that detail.

Mini 1:12 scale bikes painted to look a little more realistic. We're ready for spring now. :) This one we found on Hobby Builders Supply. It was all white before we painted it blue with Testors enamel paints.

And this bike was at Hobby Lobby, it was black, now painted red. 

A thermos full of coffee in the bike basket - java juice is vital for those early morning rides in the spring sunshine.

Here are some dollhouse photos from last autumn- of the dollhouses all decked out for Halloween. More pics are on Pinterest: Dollhouse Autumn Scenes

The natural swimming hole for the Victorian dollhouse got finished...yay!!!

And some dollhouse Christmas photos too (more pics on Pinterest: Our Dollhouses All Decked Out for Christmas) - little mini micro lights we found on Amazon were the perfect teeny tiny lights to light these babies up. :) You can find the lights here: Amazon: Micro Lights

Found a LOT for Christmas minis as a Miniature Yard Sale last fall - amazing and very reasonably priced. 

A tree for every room was the goal. :)

The natural swimming hole and diving pier is all frozen over for winter....brrrrrrrr!

Each tree was decorated in a "theme" - the music room tree had tiny gold music ornaments. 

Gosh those micro mini lights are so bright! And they plug in to a regular wall outlet too - easy peasy to hang on the houses and no changing batteries! The wire is almost invisible because it's so thin, and very "bendy" - easy to put in place.

Thank you so much for stopping by! XO - Jackie